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Big Boy Systems is, on one hand, an electronics production company that developed « Third-I » the unique ultra-immersive 3D camera.

« Third-I », based on Big Boy Systems’ patented technology is the 3D camera that sees and hears like a human being.

Easy to use, it renders an immersive video corresponding to the user’s experience and allows the spectator to relive this experience in total immersion. Soon, you’ll be able to create your own VR content.

Big Boy Systems is, on the other hand, an immersive production company which offers a complete recording service from the setting up of the script to the post-production and viewing solutions.

The combining of 3D image with binaural sound makes it possible to relive the video and to embody the person that recorded it.

Binaural audio is a sound recording method known as being identical to the human hearing and allowing to localize the sound’s origin all around yourself.

Who’s Who

SamFounder - CEO
Always pouring out ideas, forever fond of DIY. Samuel has always been that omni-curious creator. During his studies for sound engineering at “IAD” in Belgium, Sam discovers audio immersion by Binaural recordings and looks for ways to implement it to 3D image.
AnaïsCo-founder - COO
After studies in audiovisual productions management, Anaïs works as an assistant to the CEO’s of a sales agency for movie rights . Since 2011 she owns and manages real estate holdings in Paris and the Bretagne region.

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